“The Night That I Struck Gold at SDA17” by DadBlogUK

November 16th, 2017

John Adams of Dadbloguk talks us through the moment he won the top award for Best Blog at the Surrey Digital Awards 2017 and what receiving the accolade means for him, both professionally and personally.

“I can clearly remember the moment Dadbloguk was read out as Gold Blog Award winner at last year’s Surrey Digital Awards. The Bronze and Silver awards had been handed out.

“I thought the Gold award was completely beyond my grasp. With the previous awards winners having returned to their seats, I turned to my friend Andy and said: ‘Well that’s it, I’m not going to win.’

“Only thing is, I was greatly mistaken. There were some amazing blogs on the shortlist and more to the point, some incredibly well-established Surry businesses. I didn’t think I stood a chance against them but I went home with Gold.

“So what does this mean for me? First of all, it enabled me to put a stake in the ground as a Surrey-based business. The truth of the matter is, I operate a web-based business so my clients are all over the world: China, Italy, Germany, Australia, the United States and so on.

“I didn’t have a particularly strong reputation locally. Winning the Surrey Digital Award was a great way for me to wave my hands in the air and say: ‘I may operate internationally, but I am a Surrey-based business’

“The other great thing about the Digital Awards is that they celebrate business. A lot of blogging awards are about recognising strong content, design and social media presence. These are exceedingly important aspects of running a blog.

“The Digital Awards, however, celebrates business acumen. When I collected my award, I was asked on stage if it was possible to make a profit running a blog. You have to be dedicated and passionate about blogging, but let me make clear that yes, you can make a living through blogging. Winning this award enabled to make that point loudly and publicly.

“I have also noticed that people take me a lot more seriously knowing that I write an “award winning blog”. I never really thought it would make that much of a difference to me, but it does have an impact on how people perceive the quality of your work.

“As you can see, winning Gold meant a lot to me. I am really looking forward to the 2018 Surrey Digital Awards and the Digital Championships. If you are thinking of entering, don’t dawdle. Go ahead and do it. It’s free and you have nothing to lose but much to potentially gain.”

Entry for the Surrey Digital Awards 2018 is now open.

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