SDA17 Gold Winner Launches Innovative Learning Suite For Children

November 7th, 2017

The Lumen Learning Trust, a Gold winner at the Surrey Digital Awards 2017, has launched an innovative new facility at a school in the county to enhance young peoples’ learning experiences.

The all-new Lighthouse Suite is an extraordinary space that has been developed in order to, in Lumen’s own words, “play with conventions of expectations in how we teach and learn”.

It is, in essence, a collection of rooms that allow children to explore their own preferred way of learning – but it brings so much more to the table.

The Lumen Learning Trust was set up in 2013 as a learning support initiative that supports three primary schools in Surrey and in March this year they clinched the Gold award in the Website: School, Education or Charity category at the SDAs for their work.

Since launching, the Trust has gone from strength to strength leading to the Lighthouse Suite development at Echelford School in Ashford, Surrey.

Against a distinctly beach-themed backdrop, and under the watchful eye of a glowing neon octopus, the Lighthouse Suite delivers an environment that serves to simultaneously stimulate and engage the children at the School.

Bold décor, beach huts and multi-textured flooring immediately grab the attention of anyone lucky enough to be invited in.

The Nest, a unique room full of comfy beanbags that’s often used for story classes, can be either a space for quiet learning or a place for engaging discussions.

The Wonder Room, however, is the real hidden gem of the project – it’s tucked away out of sight, but those who know where to find it are treated to a huge array of unusual yet awe-inspiring objects, including a wicker rugbeater and an old telephone.

Staff introduce new items to this space regularly, ensuring there’s always something new to explore.

Sarah Vernon, Headteacher of Echelford Primary School, believes that the space motivates children and teachers alike to be the best versions of themselves.

“This is definitely not just a set of rooms to work in when you are looking at ‘The Seaside’ in Geography”, she said.

“It is themed this way to be a stark contrast to a conventional modern classroom – there are no tables or chairs in here, no hidden data projector, no Powerpoint, teachers are stripped back to their best assets – high quality dialogue and exposition.”

Initiatives such as The Lighthouse Suite truly embody the spirit of the Digital Awards. We’re all about innovation, industry leadership, and a practical commitment to exploring new and exciting ways of inspiring others. We look forward to hearing more from Lumen as their scheme continues to evolve – and who knows, perhaps we’ll see them again at SDA18.

About The Lumen Learning Trust:

The Lumen Learning Trust is a learning support initiative that supports three primary schools in Surrey: Saxon Primary School in Shepperton, Riverbridge Primary in Staines-upon-Thames, and of course, The Echelford Primary in Ashford. The leadership team have proven experience in improving learning spaces throughout the county and introducing innovative ways of developing stimulating and rewarding environments for local children.

More information on the project and its various achievements can be found on the Lumen Learning Trust website. For direct enquiries please email the Enrichment Leader, [email protected].

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