Surrey Digital Awards takes a look at all the marketers and awards available in the UK, given to those who push themselves and achieve great things in the corporate digital communication area. All those who win one, go beyond the basic knowledge of employing digital strategies; these awards aren’t just handed out to the average marketer. They are handed to those who exceed in multiple areas concerning digital marketing.

What are the Different Types of Digital Awards Which Exist Today?

Many awards are given for digital communication, and on this website, we will be taking a look at the different type of awards and also the impact which stores have on us nowadays. This includes how a pet website with a store created on Shopify could nowadays be up for awards in the pet niche, down to e-commerce becoming extremely big these days. A few of these awards given to such websites are a great honour to receive.

Several different awards are available today across the UK. For instance, the Shopify Commerce Awards, the Webby Awards, the UK e-Commerce Awards, and the Digital Entrepreneur awards. These are on the top of the list to win, but in the UK you have several awards handed out at digital award events. Another popular award event in Surrey is the Surrey Digital Awards themselves. We have been awarding digital entrepreneurs in the UK with awards covering all aspects of digital communications for several years. The awards won cover several digital fields, and one of the best success stories is the company, the Watb Creative.