DadBlogUK Discuss Winning Gold at SDA17

March 27th, 2017
Surrey Digital Awards 2017

Following the third annual Surrey Digital Awards on 9 March, we spoke to John Adams, founder of DadBlogUK, who won Gold in our ‘Blog’ category.

Could you tell us a little about your organisation?
I originally set my company up as a PR company. It was something I did on the side while blogging about parenting and fatherhood was a hobby. Over time, however, I realised I could make money as a blogger and turned the business on its head with the focus on blogging and writing with PR becoming a sideline. The fact remains, however, that I am the main carer for my children. I fit my blogging activities around family life: the school run, after school clubs, homework etc.

What made you get involved in the SDAs?
The Internet is without borders and operates internationally. This is how I have always approached my blogging. Although I have an International focus, I thought it was about time to cement my reputation as a Surrey-based blogger. I entered the awards in the hope it may increase my profile. I certainly didn’t expect to win a Gold award.

What does winning gold at the SDAs mean to your organisation?
Winning the Gold award is superb recognition of what I do. It increases my profile and further demonstrates that us bloggers are now a part of the mainstream media scene and have influence.

Where will you be putting your award?
I will be putting up some picture hooks and hanging it on the wall in my office.

What was your most memorable moment from the SDA presentation evening?
The most memorable moment was when Robin started reading out the description of the Blog award Gold winner. I was convinced Informed Choice was going to win but he started describing a parenting blog. As I was the only parenting blog in the finals it was clear I had won the award. I then had a minor panic as I knew I’d have to get on stage and say a few words when I hadn’t prepared anything! I was sat next to Catherine from Deco Baby who won the Silver Online retailer award. She had turned to me beforehand and said she thought I was going to win. They were very kind words but I was totally unconvinced until the big reveal.

What’s the best thing about the Surrey business community?
I have always found the Surrey business community to be very friendly and approachable. Being so close to London, I think the community is influenced by the city and very dynamic. I am glad to be a part of it.

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