Have You Ever Attended a Digital Award Ceremony with a Pet?

Many of us have had to attend a digital event with our pet to pick up an award. It is essential though that you inform the organisers, to make sure they are prepared. They need to be informed, to be able to organise the event correctly and cater to your pets needs. Lots of things undoubtedly need to be taken into consideration when taking a pet to an award ceremony. For instance, how do you transport your pet to and from the event?

Transporting Your Pet to an Awards Ceremony

You have several ways to transport your pet to an awards ceremony. For example, if you have a dog or cat, then the safest way to transport your pet to the ceremony is in a crate; this should be anchored by fastening it safely using a seatbelt. These carriers can be bought on several websites such as Amazon, for instance.

Whatever animal your pet is, you can transport it to and from the ceremony yourself safely in a crate or some kind of container strapped securely in a car. If you intend to fly to an awards ceremony, you can ask if the pet can travel with you in the cabin; if not, you can ask them how they transport pets. Transporting a pet can actually be risky; some don’t take to flying just as some humans don’t.

When at the Ceremony

Always remember when you attend a ceremony, your pet will be taken care of; most award events will have already put it all in place, so you can take good care of your pet, make sure they are correctly fed and watered and monitored; therefore your evening should go rather well. Try using this as publicity for your pet and share the night on social media and your website, so you gain more traffic that’s unique.