Creating The Perfect Website For A Pet

Are you a pet lover yet don’t know how to create that perfect website that gets you noticed and winning digital awards? If so, then let’s have a look at a few things that will make you and your pet website win awards.

Understand for All Businesses SEO Is of the Most Upmost Importance

So many people forget that they need to keep on top of SEO if they wish to be included on the first page of Google, that is one of the main things concerning all websites. Don’t ignore SEO, the importance of backlinks and networking within the pet niche.

Create Boards On Pinterest

Most people are unaware of the traffic that comes from Pinterest and tend just to use social media sites such as Instagram, you need to use both. On Pinterest, your pet boards are loved by many, and it is a platform used by middle-aged women and people into crafts, these people tend to like all kind of animal boards, so it is a great way to share your business and get it seen, therefore noticed for awards. Try adding a blog also to your website, blogging daily pictures of your pet will get it noticed.

Add A Shop

One of the great things to remember when designing a pet website is to monetise it, pets are a great niche to get into and monetise. Try looking at what e-Commerce platform suits your business and research unusual pet products and try and add a shop to your website that will gain you more visitors. There are many E-Commerce platforms to chose from like Shopify or WooCommerce. If your business is built on WordPress, which is an extremely popular platform nowadays, then WooCommerce is a great fit. Both Shopify and WooCommerce are packed with plugins to help you build that added store.