Are You Ready For The Best Digital Agency Awards?

Every year we all ask ourselves what the best digital agency is? As an agent, everyone wants to gain independent feedback, reviews on the standard of work they are delivering to clients. Are they up to the same standards that other agency businesses are? When you run a digital agency, it is important to understand who you are up against, who always outranks you on Google or other search engine platforms like Bing or Yahoo.

What Are Some Known Awards For Digital Agencies In The UK?

Let us have a look at a selection of some of the best digital awards that agencies can win today.

The Webby Awards

This well-known award is awarded to those offering excellence on the internet. It is awarded by the IADAS which is the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Webby winners range from business figures, web experts to online social media gurus.

Web Awards

These are awards that are popular amongst internet marketers and online gurus. They were first established in 1997. These awards are given to Public Relations, Online Marketing, Web Designers and all those on the internet with a common interest in online advertising. Nowadays it is in its 18th year so the longest running award-winning website competition.


These awards are given mainly the web design and development agencies across Europe and also L.A. This event unites the best agencies and thought leaders in design, bringing together some of the best in the world to celebrate each other’s achievements is excellent.

BIMA Awards

These awards tend the bring together the craft type of businesses a number of these being craft e-Commerce businesses. To win one of these awards is classed as an honour for your company. Many don’t understand how this award to digital businesses has fast become like winning a BAFTA to actors.